PROMAN s.r.o. Chrudim

Proman s.r.o. - an important supplier of the storing sollution Rack system produced by Proman s.r.o.
  • Projection and supplier activities in the area of the entire supplies of rack systems for in-store space
  • On the markets in Czech republic, Slovak republic and Poland we are one of the most important suppliers of all types of rack systems
  • We are able to react very flexibly on storing needs of our customers.
  • Free offer
  • Checking inspections
  • Guarantee and after guarantee service
  • Wide range of the accessories
  • National engineering test room certificates
  • Fulfilment of the difficult conditions of RAL-RG 614 norm
We import, project and do the assembly News
Pallet racks
Pallet racksPallets rack give a opportunity for storage up to 20 m and load per level up to 4500 kg and for frame up to 20 tons. Rack frames are welded or screwed.
Shelving racks
Shelving racksThe shelving racks and moving shelving racks are made for different loudness from 50 up to 900 kg per level. The frames are made up to 11 m.
Own production program of the company
Cantilevered racks
Cantilevered racksCantilevered racks - are suitable for storing of steely profiles, tubes, chipboards and metalsheets. The height of a rack, the lenght and the loading of a console are made exactly according to the customer´s wishes.
Steely platforms
Steely platformsThe steel platform give a possibility to use a optimal space on floor and on platform. Profile are made is SIGMA or cool rolled close profile.
Sliding racks, archives
Sliding racks, archivesSliding racks and archives. By placing the shelving racks onto the sliding undercarriges you get highly functional storing and archivate system which efectively uses the whole given space.
Gravity racks
Spádové regályGravity shelve rack and piece goods ensure the delivery the goods from warehouse at the principle of FIFO (first in, first out). Gravity rack for piece goods can ensure you the prompt changeover of roller list according to goods size. Concerning the height the complete frames are also possible to rebuild slightly. By the pallet rack there is possible to move EUR pallet lengthwise as well as crosswise.

We are going to participate the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv - Bulgaria from 29.9.-4.10.2008


1.-3.10.2008 the international fair InterStorage will be held in Kiev, Brovarskiy Ave, 15, Ukraine