Company profile

Cantilevered racks

PROMAN s.r.o. was founded on 27th October 1994 and it deals with the projection and supplier activities in the area of entire supplies of rack systems for in-store space.

On the markets in Czech republic, Slovak republic and Poland PROMAN s.r.o. is one of the most important suppliers of rack systems of all types and is able to react quickly and flexibly on all customers´needs.

Rack systems supplied by PROMAN s.r.o. fulfil the difficult conditions of RAL-RG 614 norm. This norm determinates the basic terms for projection, production, construction and checking of the rack systems, and also includes the demands on the education and the qualification of the employees.

Since its foundation the company has been constantly developing. As evidence of the number of providing supplies is the reference list containing all realized projects.

Palett racks

At present the company employes more than 30 workers as salesmen, technicians and necessary administrative workers. At the same time in PROMAN s.r.o. works more than 20 assemblers.

The employees ensure the offering and projection activities. In the field of manipulation with the material and of storing they all have knowledge of the safety and technical norms. All that shows in the flexible solutions of the customers´ needs.

The rack systems supplied by PROMAN s.r.o. find use practically in all branches, e.g. in warehouses, in industry, banking, administrative, small business etc.